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Tradizy® Durum, Esprit de levain, is the magic of nature without its complexity. An all-in-one, very easy to use product for anyone starting with sourdough. Tradizy® Durum is a specialty devitalized sourdough that contains its own micro-organisms that enable fermentation.

Master the spirit of sourdough easily with Tradizy®.


Baguette, baguette with Paneotrad™, ciabatta, crusty bread, country bread, rye bread, sandwich bread, milk bread…

Faster & safer

Bread with sourdough in a flash: Tradizy® Durum is all the spirit of sourdough without the constraints; by mixing it with 3 to 4% flour and water, you get the rustic flavor of durum wheat and the crispness of sourdough bread.

Useful information


Beige powder
A 8 kg box containing 20 under-vacuum sachets of 400g each.

Halal and Kosher

12 months at room temperature.

Just add 1 sachet of Tradizy® with 10 to 13 kg of flour according to the recipe (see our recipes proposals) in a mixer, add water, salt and mix.

Our bakers recommend this recipe
for a baguette with Tradizy® Durum

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Our sourdough-based preparations range are all-in-one products very easy to use for those who start with sourdough or who are time-saving-bakers.

You are now able to produce consistant quality breads with sourdough, easily and quickly, in a complete safety.

Experts at your side!

Our teams will assist you in adapting and implementing TRADIZY® Durum to your production and challenges,
whether you are a beginner or a time-saving baker.

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