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Parameters influencing flavors
on devitalized sourdough based bread

Devitalized sourdoughs give bakery products a wide range of aromas, as well as the characteristic taste and acidity of sourdough. They can therefore be used in any type of breadmaking processes. Lesaffre sensory team challenged this topic through a study to find the best process to enhance the aromatic notes while answering the consumer expectations.


12 expert panelists in bakery products
90 French consumers

Devitalized sourdoughs

2 devitalized sourdoughs based respectively on rye and wheat flours


• Intensity of sensory expert criteria
• Linking for customers

What results from the study is that breadmaking parameters alone influe poorly on the aromatic spectrum of breads. Aromas vary but flavors are limited and rather bland.

However, playing with the combination of breadmaking parameters and the contribution of devitalized sourdoughs, we can easily increase the aromatic potential of the breads and play with a real palette of notes.


Fruity notes are preferred by consumers with 80% to 100% satisfaction.


Fermented and ripe wheat are the least preferred notes with 0% to 40% satisfaction.

This study highlights the variety of flavors obtained with a single devitalized sourdough depending on the breadmaking parameters used. To obtain the best of sourdough in terms of aroma, it is very important to have an overview of the process used by bakers and also of the consumers’ expectations in terms of flavors. To master this knowledge, Lesaffre developed a digital application combining breadmaking process and devitalized sourdough to provide optimal advice to his customers.

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