Raise your bread to the next level


Sourdough bread upcycling: from sourdough bread to beer

Working together to better nourish and protect the planet

This is our mission at Lesaffre and to answer it, day after day, we work with our teams of experts to support our customers’ innovative projects. These co-developments open the field to numerous breadmaking trials.

This is how, our upcycling project was born. Thanks to our partnership with a local Belgian brewer, we are now able to transform our bread wastes into beer.

Benefits of La Pinte Perdue


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30 liters of water are saved to produce this bottle of beer.

To produce 1 kg of malt, you need more than 500 liters of water.


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This beer is brewed 20 km away
from our Baking Center™ of Marquette-lez-Lille.


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To obtain one bottle of La Pinte Perdue, Lesaffre recycles 60g of bread from clients' trials made in Lille Baking Center™.


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This beer obtains its fruity notes after 7 weeks of fermentation of Yeast Saf-Ale S-04 from Fermentis By Lesaffre.